The Penn Philippine Association (PPA) serves to promote the awareness and appreciation of the Philippine culture here at Penn through cultural dance performances, potlucks, karaoke, discussion forums and most importantly, spending quality time with each other.

Every spring, we also hold our major Filipino cultural show and festival, Barrio Fiesta.
We are an active support network open to all Penn students and faculty interested in the country’s culture and heritage.

After some deliberation, we have decided that our primary charity will be Gawad Kalinga. Begun in 1995 as a youth development program for gang members in Filipino slums, Gawad Kalinga has evolved into a nation-building organization. In response to Typhoon Haiyan, Gawad Kalinga has focused on distributing kitchen, housing, and food supplies to victims in hard-to-reach areas. The organization coordinates with local government and international aid groups in order to bring needed items the “last mile” to the families that other groups can’t yet reach.

We felt that this was a good balance between a charity that was recognizable, as well as one that had superior transparency and efficacy compared to other organizations. PPA has supported Gawad Kalinga in the past at multiple events, most recently being our 2012 Barrio Fiesta, as well as a Penn for Gawad benefit in 2007. In addition, Gawad Kalinga has been suggested by the Penn Impact Blog as an “On The Ground” charity to give to. Finally, we have current members who will be going back to the Philippines over winter break to work directly with GK members and administration in order to ensure that the funds raised by Penn will be used to maximum effect.

GK’s site: http://gk-usa.org/
Donation Site: http://gk-usa.org/donations/

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